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Kiiera - VIV


The meaning of Kiiera is “Kii” or “Chi,” means life energy, and “era,” means a significant time period ...  so Kiiera is the Era of New Life Energy - ViV -- Kiiera Company Website  

Opened: 9/2008

Founders: Peter Spiegel

Parent Company: The Sylmark Group, Sylmark, Inc. of Lake Balboa, California, 4th largest direct response television (DRTV) marketing company

Key Product: VIV, powered energy drink, 100% all natural and healthy ingredients, 100% vegan, primary ingredients: Schizandra, Rhodiola Rosea, Siberian Ginseng, Cordyceps and Gogi

Strategy: modeled against the strengths and weaknesses of competitors: price point and monthly volume requirements of Viv are roughly half of other companies like Xango and MonaVie (and many others)

Costs to Join: $49.95 for the "Affiliate Starter Kit." $199.95 "Fast Pak.

Kiiera Compensation Plan: hybrid binary/unilevel with up to 7 generations of matching check bonuses (similar to Max International, MonaVie, and others.)


Kiiera Company Site


Kiiera News



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