Inspirational Ballet: She with One Arm; He, with One Leg

by louabbott on November 17, 2009

From Programme Center Stage

She with One Arm; He, with One Leg
What can you accomplish that may seem impossible to you?

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“In my coaching practice, I have often used the analogy that if your life’s dream is to dance the ballet, but you have become somehow physically disabled or confined to a wheelchair, you might want to re-craft your dream, finding something that evokes the same feelings and results as dancing.

Now I have a new analogy, the one I will tell about how this video defined my own self-limiting beliefs and transformed me as a coach. I was not paying close enough to my own mantra, Dream It – Believe It – Achieve It. I felt that it would be wrong of me to encourage certain clients to pursue a seemingly impossible dream. I won’t make that mistake again.” –Judith ?, WI

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