MLM The Whole Truth, the Audio, MP3 Version

If you are like me, sometimes I just can’t find time to listen to or read everything that I would like to.

So…I like to multitask.  For example, whenever I am doing the more boring kinds of exercise, like aerobics, running or lifting weights, I always like to listen to something.  Another good time to do that is while you are driving.  Many people (not me) have long commutes.  Why not turn that time into valuable “sharpening the saw” time? Learning time?

If you purchased the Physical Upgrade version, below is where you can download the audio, MP3 versions of MLM The Whole Truth book and Course.

MLM The Whole Truth, Audios

Dedication, Acknowledgments, Introduction through Chapter 1

Chapters 2 through 4

Chapters 5 through 8

Chapter 9

Chapters 10 through End

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