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Congratulations . . .

As a purchaser of our MLM The Whole Truth Special Report and Course, you are one of the relatively few people entering the Multilevel Marketing industry that will be well equipped to build on a solid foundation to reach the ultimate goal – reliable, long-term, leveraged, residual income!

I so wish everyone entered network marketing armed with the knowledge that you are about to gain.

There is a good amount of multimedia content, audios and videos, that augment the material in your Special Report. There are also a growing number of other areas of this site that are open only to those like you with “Premium Memberships.”

Here is a list of the presentations that complement the material in your Special Report:

Before you begin reading the Special Report How to Get the Most Out of Your Investment – an intellectual honesty check 7 minute MP3 Audio Welcome Message from Lou

Bonus Audio/Video Content for Chapter 2 Brilliant Compensation This is the best explanation of how brilliant, powerful, lucrative, and … dare I say it, good and moral a multilevel compensation plan has the potential to be. 30 minutes or more (by your choice) video in animated or video format. (I’ve opened this to all subscribers, not just Premium Members, so you can send your prospects and dowline to learn these valuable ideas without a purchase – though it costs me per view!)

Bonus Audio/Video Content for Chapter 4
Would You Ever Join a Start-up Company?

Probably my very best advice for you.

Bonus AudioVideo Content for Chapter 8
Is it a Pyramid or a legal MLM?
Oh, it’s easy if there’s no product, it’s clearly a pyramid. But what if it’s $10 pencils? Or any other grossly overpriced product? The issues get a lot greyer.  How can you identify (and even quantify) that? –20 minute video presentation

Bonus Audio/Video Content for Chapter 9
The Bottom Line on MLM Binary Compensation Plans
They have been around for over 20 years now.  But are they good for the industry? Are they fair? Industry leader Jeff Olson speaks out on Binaries.

Bonus Audio/Video Content for Chapter 10
The Network Marketing Effectiveness Formula
– Parts 1-4
Why do some people make SO much more in MLM than others? This is the actual formula that explains it all and helps us all see exactly where we need to improve.  Be sure to see all 4 parts!

Critical/New – Bonus Video Content for Chapter 10
Only These ‘Yeses’ Will Give Your MLM Business Explosive Growth
Everyone says they can get you enduring “explosive” growth.  I assure, most haven’t the faintest idea about what it takes for Reliable, Long-Term, Leveraged, Residual Income in a network marketing business.  If you don’t understand this, you will fall for any training or system offered by any and every ‘guru’ that comes along.

Bonus Audio/Video Content for Appendix 2
The Legal ABCs of MLM: An Interview with Gerald Nehra
Gerry is one of the few attorneys in the United States that has a practice devoted exclusively to direct selling and multilevel marketing issues. This interview will help you not to embarrass yourself by not clearly knowing the difference yourself.

Additionally, your MLM The Whole Truth course, in either the digital download or the physical upgrade versions, also includes the whole Special Report in audio version…so you can listen it online, or download to your iPod. The physical upgrade version includes the audios on CD.

To listen to the Special Report online, go to: MLM The Whole Truth, the Audio, MP3 Version

Most of the content on this page is for Premium Members only. A lifetime membership for Premium content is available as a bonus with a purchase of the Special Report/Course, MLM The Whole Truth.
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Jessica Haynes August 6, 2011 at 2:49 am Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Hi Lou,

I wasn’t sure when I bought the e-book whether I would have access to the MP3s as well. I’m glad they came as a unit because one gets through the material so much faster (and with more focus) if one has the book up on screen and follows along while listening (plus the MP3s are portable!) The course has given me ideas and tools to select my next MLM with the confidence that it has real potential to help me reach my goals. Thank you! Saskatoon, SK, Canada


Toni July 23, 2010 at 12:09 am Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Fabulous, the law of generosity is working over time here Lou, absolutely value for money and some …. love it, thankyou


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