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Some say that all MLMs (aka multilevel or network marketing companies) are nothing more than endless chain pyramid schemes.

They are wrong.

Others say that all MLMs are good, moral, and legitimate businesses that are the last best hope for the average person without huge capital to achieve the American Dream.

They are wrong too.

As in most areas of life, the whole truth lies somewhere in the middle.


I am Lou Abbott, founder of this site and a 15 year veteran of the network marketing profession.  Believe me when I say that I’ve seen the very best of multi-level marketing and I have seen the very worst of it.

I’ve been in the top 1 percent of distributors.

I have also experienced the train wrecks.

My mission here?

I want you to be well informed because ignorance in the MLM profession can cost you a lot more than money. It can also cost you your friends, family, hopes and dreams.

You need the whole truth about MLM, the companies, the industry, and what it really takes to make significant income with a network marketing business!  Our goal here is to bring it to you as effectively and objectively as is humanly possible.

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